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"Graham is one of only a handful of independent fly fishing guides in Ontario who we recommend at our store. "

Jim Wilson, Wilsons Fly Shop


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September Salmon and Trout Guide Trips

Guide trips for Salmon

Centerpin fishing

Also known as Float Fishing

Centerpin Fishing

This was one of 15 landed in 4 hours.

Have you ever wondered why some guys catch all the fish? We know why and we can show you the successful methods and tricks used by the best float fisherman.

In 2006 we introduced centerpin guided trips and lessons because of the many requests from our customers. Since we have over 25 years experience with this very effective method we decided it was something that would fit right in. Some years I am netting over 300 steelhead for my customers in just the month of November and many of these silver bullets are caught with a centerpin rod and reel. Since 2006 we have become the premier centerpin and float fishing guide company in Ontario. 

Centerpin float fishing is arguably the most effective method of catching steelhead and has resulted in many days of over 20 steelhead landed for our customers. In our opinion in some river situations it cant be beat and with our 25 years experience in this method we can help you catch more steelhead then you ever thought possible. We can provide nearly everything you need for your trip out. Click HERE to see what we can provide and what you should bring.

I'm often asked what the best rod or what the best reels for Ontario rivers. There are lots of great and not so great rods and reels on the market today. Some guys like to hit the rivers with thier custom thousand dollar reels and rods. Personally I like all the centerpin fishing products from Raven. Raven is an Ontario comapany that has porviced great products geared to Ontario and great lakes steelhead.

Best Times

Prime Time Fall:   October 1st to November 30th

The steelhead start showing up in the rivers around September 1st or just after the first big rains of September. By the middle of October the rivers are usually full of steelhead with many 10 to 20 fish days from Mid October to Mid November. Some good numbers of steelhead can be caught in early October and even as late as the end of December.

Prime Spring Time: April 1st to May 15th

Although the river conditions are hit and miss this time of year we have some great days in the spring. The most success in from the 4th Saturday in April until the 2nd week in May.

Winter Fishing: December 1 to March 15

It's usually pretty cold in January and February but the fishing can be hot if the conditions are good. We've had 30 fish days between January and March but we don't usually pre-book trips during this period. If this is the type of trip you are interested in, contact us and get on our waiting list and we will call you when the fishing is hot. 

Centerpin / Float Fishing Lessons

This may be a first for any guide shop or any guide in Ontario but it's not a first for us. We've been teaching beginner techniques and the finer points of Centerpin fishing to Ontario anglers for years. This is a great way for beginners and intermediate anglers to learn how to float fish effectively and dramatically increase their catch rate.

Have you ever wondered why some anglers seem to catch a lot more fish then others? We know why, and we can show you how!

We've been centerpin fishing for almost 20 years, long before centerpin fishing was evenheard of by most river anglers in Ontario. Our experience with a float rod can help you become a better angler.

We Cover:

The gear basics

The casts

The presentations

Reading water

Depth finding and float placement


Productive baits

Shot patterns for different conditions

*** all gear can be provided or use your own rod and reel.

1 or 2 Anglers $450.00............each additional angler ..... $60.00

Class Lessons .....April 9th 2017.......................$225.00 per angler

* * Boat trips are extra... see guide page for prices

Chris with 1 of 30 landedRob with 1 of 20Mike with one of 21 landed

Chris with 1 of over 30            Rob with 1 of over 20         Mike with 1 of  21 landed

Ontario Out Of Doors Article - To Spin or Pin... CLICK HERE

Testimonial from WFN - World Fishing Network's steelhead specialist Justin Elia:


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Contact Graham at 416-937-4911 or ontarioguide@gmail.com

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  Tony with a fresh run steelhead   Steelhead fishing   A really big Brown Trout from the Credit river
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