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"Graham is one of only a handful of independent fly fishing guides in Ontario who we recommend at our store. "

Jim Wilson, Wilsons Fly Shop


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September Salmon and Trout Guide Trips

Guide trips for Salmon



We offer guided trips for other great river fish!


We offer guided trips for salmon by drift boat or by foot on a few select rivers.. Atlantic and Pacific Salmon enter the rivers in late August and can be caught up until the end of October but the prime period for good numbers is September 15th to October 5th. We've had days of 50 fish landed with Chinook salmon up to 40lbs and with average sizes around 20lbs.. There are limited dates in this small window so book your trip early and don't miss out..

Boat Trip : $500 for 1 for 2 anglers

Walk and wade trips are available in some locations.. starting at $450.00


Ontario Salmon guide service

         Salmon Salmon from Bronte

Small Mouth Bass

For many anglers small mouth bass is considered to be pound for pound the hardest fighting fish in Ontario and an easy target for those that know what they are doing. We Guide smallmouth bass on the rivers or on Georgian Bay from the opening day (4th Saturday in June) until Sept 1st. These hard fighting fish are a blast on a fly rod and this has been are most popular method but over the last couple of years we've had tons of fun catching them on centerpin outfits and spinning gear. What ever method you prefer we can cater to your needs. The nice thing about these fish is there's usually nobody around and double digit days of 1 to 6lb bass are very common.

River Rates -   $500.00  for 1 angler or 2 anglers

Walk and wade trips are available at some locations.

Walk and wade 7 hour trips start at $400.00

Rick with a beauty.

Bass from grand river Saugeen Bass

Pike on the fly Saugeen Bass

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Georgian Bay 60lb Musky

57 Inch musky big musky Big Georgian Bay Musky

I've been guiding musky for over 13 years and although I love chasing trout and steelhead I do enjoy pursuing the hard fighting musky in our local rivers. These fish are an absolute challenge and blast on a fly rod and on traditional fishing gear. Some of these river musky are over 50 inches and I've caught musky around 60lbs with hundreds in the 20 to 30lb range..

 We guide muskies on the river with fly rods and traditional musky gear.

Times : 3rd Saturday in June to October 15th

River Rates - $500.00 for 1 or 2 anglers

Check out all the musky action at www.ontariomusky.com


Pike are also available in decent numbers in some of our rivers.. We target pike in the rivers from July 1st to September 1st..

Big river pike

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Contact Graham at 416-937-4911 or ontarioguide@gmail.com

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Other Species Adventures

Carp and walleye are abundant on some of the rivers we fish. We can get them on the fly or with spinning gear. Walleye are available from May 20th to Oct 1st.

River Walleye on a centerpin 

Same rates as musky : $500.00 / 7 hours


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  Tony with a fresh run steelhead   Steelhead fishing   A really big Brown Trout from the Credit river
            Tony with 1 of over 12 Landed                  Martin with 1 of 30 Landed                Huge Resident Brown Trout
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