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"Graham is one of only a handful of independent fly fishing guides in Ontario who we recommend at our store. "

Jim Wilson, Wilsons Fly Shop


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September Salmon and Trout Guide Trips

Guide trips for Salmon

Ontario River Guide service

Graham Guiding Mark Melnyk and Bill Spicer. 

Want to get better?

Whether you are an absolute beginner or a veteran angler we can help you get better and catch more fish!

A Perfect Drift Guide Company is Ontario's top full time independent river guide service providing year round guide trips to many of Southern Ontario's premier trout and steelhead rivers.

  We specialize and teach traditional and modern methods not often used by the average angler or your average guide. These modern and unique methods are often better and more productive then the traditional methods most guys use here in Ontario. These modern methods are used by some of the best anglers in the world including the worlds best tournament anglers and once learned it will ensure that you will catch more and more fish. 

Hiring a river guide in Ontario is risky!!

You never know who you're getting at another guide service or a guide shop. There may be less expensive guide options in Ontario but you don't know if your guide has guided 2 days or 2000 days or is even qualified and competent, is that worth risking to save yourself a few extra bucks.

Why Us? When you hire us, your guide is guaranteed to:

  • Have over 15 years guide experience has guided and instructed over 1000 customers.

  • Have been guiding full time for over 10 years.

  • Have hundreds of positive testimonials and a great reputation.

  • Have hundreds of repeat customers.

  • Have a Marine first aid and CPR training certification.

  • Have a Marine Emergency Safety Certification

  • Have a Small Vessel Proficiency Training Certification

  • Have all good and up to date quality gear.

  • Have a legal and registered Ontario Business Licence

 A Little About Your Guide: Graham guides and teaches between 120 and 200 guys in a typical season and usually spends over 250 days on the water guiding and fishing each year. Guiding this much keeps Graham on top of what is happening on our local rivers and enables him to provide customers with one of the best guide services in Ontario. Mark from the hit TV show "Guided" speaks with Graham about guiding. See it here!

  Our specialty is river guiding for Trout and Steelhead but we also offer Smallmouth Bass, Pike and Trophy Musky hunts during the summer and early fall months.

   With over 33 years fishing the local rivers with fly rods and over 25 years fishing centerpin rods it's no doubt we can help you become a better angler and improve your skills. 

  No matter what your skill level or your fishing style we can provide you with an educational, fun, friendly and unique experience.

Our Rivers: We guide 12 rivers and a few creeks so you have a choice of small creek style fishing to large rolling steelhead rivers. The rivers we guide on are the Credit River, Nottawasaga River, Humber River, Grand River, Bighead River, Beaver River, Saugeen River, Boyne river, Pine River, Mad River, Noisy River, Beatty Saugeen River, Wilmot Creek, Bronte Creek and a few other creeks we wont name at this time. For more detailed information go to our Rivers Page.

Best times to book a trip: Different species have different prime times and some rivers fish better during different times. For more detailed times please check out our rivers page to see what times and what rivers are best for you to book. Best times are based on average catches but conditions can change fast so it could be great fishing or slow fishing at any time.

Basic times:  When to book your trip?

March 1st to April 1st - Many good days of steelhead action and often the first big runs of fresh hard fighting steelhead. (up to 30 fish a day under the right conditions)

April 1st to May 15th - This time provides some great steelhead fishing. With hungry drop backs (steelhead returning to the lake) and some fresh fish moving in Spring Steelheadthere's usually lots of good action making this a good time to be on the river! Opening day is the 4th Saturday in April and the first 10 to 15 days of opening season are usually hot.. Don't miss out, we book up fast..


May 1st to July 1st - This is a hot time for brown trout and brook trout. Ontario has great opportunities for river May brown trouttrout and the hatches of bugs make these fish aggressive and that means your chances of getting that big 20 plus incher are at the highest. This 26 incher was caught nymphing in Mid May. May 1st to July 1st is prime Brown trout times but it can still be good right through into late September. May and June is my favourite time of year but I book up full so don't wait.

July to September 30th. There are plenty of fishing opportunities during this time from Brown trout in the Summer Smallmouth bass morning to Bass, Musky, Pike and even walleye in the local rivers. The Bass fishing in July can be fantastic and is a very popular trip. Bass angler can have over 20 smallmouth bass landed and if they are aggressive getting them on top water flies and baits can be the most fun. We use both top water and subsurface methods and guide fro bass using fly rods, spinning rods and even centerpin rods.. Don't miss the action and book your bass trip before we're full. I'm also well know for putting my and river musky customers onto Ontario River Musky some giant Georgian bay musky in the past but now I'm offering guided trips to some local rivers that have been know for musky over 50 inches and are known for days of multiple hooks ups. Some large pike over 20lbs are also possible while out fishing for musky. Catch them on a fly rod, bait caster or spinning rod. July through to early October can be hot for musky.

September 15th to October 15th - Hot salmon fishing action with some days of over 50 hook-ups on salmon up to 40 pounds. There are opportunities to catch Chinook salmon up to 40 pounds, Coho salmon, migratory brown Fall River Salmontrout and even the elusive Atlantic salmon. We even have areas with low to no crowds. We catch them nymphing, Spey fishing (swinging flies), with a centerpin and with spinning gear. New studies from the new York state have proved what I've been claiming for over 30 years and that is big spawning salmon actually do feed both on their way up the river and even during the spawn and as some of my customers have seen these fish will smash a bait or fly and provide an exciting fight.  Mid to late September is probably the most consistent fishing and best time to be on the water. Don't miss it, we book up fast....

October 1st to December 1st - Hot steelhead action time and is Steelheadprobably the most consistent fishing and best time to be on the water. This is a great time for all methods and for those that like to swing flies with a Spey rod it cant be beat. Fall steelhead are at the best of health and are feisty and strong and for many like me this is the best time to catch these fish. Don't miss it, we book up fast....

December 1st to March 1st - This is hit and miss steelhead time but generally if the weather isn't to cold in Winter Steelheadin early December the fishing can be fantastic with days of 20 plus steelhead possible. Dress warm and you may experience some of the best fishing of the year.

After late December we still have some great days but also some days it's just to damn cold to fish. We monitor the rivers and weather and go when it's worth going. (up to 30 fish a day under the right conditions is possible)

What we offer: 

  • We provide guided trips for steelhead, brown trout, brook trout, resident rainbow trout, bass, pike and trophy musky.

  • We offer anglers the option to fly fish, centerpin fish or spin fish on many of Southern Ontario's best trout and steelhead rivers.

  • We can show you modern methods and tournament style fly fishing methods that are sure to improve your catch rates.

  • We provide a friendly relaxed and fun experience for beginners and advanced anglers.

  • We use pontoon drift boats to get our customers into the most productive and secluded private sections to fish for un-pressured fish.

  • We provide competitive rates that reflect our highly skilled guides and great professional services.

  • We provide unique boat trips to 6 of southern Ontario's best brook trout and brown trout rivers.

  • We can provide all the fishing gear you'll need at no extra charge.

  • We are a fully licensed, insured, certified and equipped with all the safety gear.

We can provide nearly everything you need for your trip out with us. Click HERE to see what we can provide and what you should bring.

Our Guide pro team

Graham Bristow

Your Head Guide:

Full Profile:

Graham Bristow is the head guide and owner of A Perfect Drift Guide Company. Along with 33 years of river fishing experience and 15 years of guide experience Graham has fished and trained with many other great anglers and guides. Graham brings that knowledge and skill to the river each day and has helped thousands of anglers become better and catch more fish.

Graham is known as a patient, easy going, skilled instructor and guide.  read more....


 Head Guide Graham with a spring steelhead 

 Ontario fly fishing guide Ontario River Bass fishing guide



How to book your trip and booking details : click here

Contact Graham at 416-937-4911 or ontarioguide@gmail.com

Booking Details and Guide Terms 

All Customers Must Sign Our Guide Agreement

                  guide Rates

Pontoon boat trips

Pontoon Boat Trips for Steelhead or Trout

"the most fun you can have fishing a river" Mike A.

Our pontoon boat trips get our customers into secluded river sections
with more fish, great
scenery and no crowds.  Bass, Musky and Salmon also available

7 hours

1 -2 anglers ... $500.00

3 or 4 anglers .. $1000.

Maximum 2 anglers
per guide.

For more details on this
trips click here.

3 or 4 angler price includes 2nd guide and boat
Walk and Wade trips

 Walk and Wade Trout Trips - local rivers

We provide educational
guided trips and lessons
in some of the best local Brown and Brook trout water around.
Brown trout and brook trout are available from the 4th Saturday in April to September 30th

Local water rates

7 hours

1 or 2 anglers ...$400.00

3 anglers .......$460.00

Half day trips
4 hours
1 or 2 anglers .. $300.00


add $60 for each additional angler

Max - 3 anglers per guide
Mike with 1 of over 10 steelhead landed

Walk and wade Steelhead and Salmon

These fish are arguably
the best fighting fish in
Ontario and are plentiful
enough that we're getting
up to 30 a day during
peak runs. Swing flies, Nymph or centerpin fish for steelhead from October to May or fish for hard pulling Salmon in September.

7 hours

Steelhead Walk and Wade Trips

1 or 2 anglers  $450.00

Maximum 3 anglers per guide. A second guide may be available for 4+ anglers.

Click here for more
details on this trip

Taxes and gratuity are not included in listed rates.
  Check out our Photo Gallery and Testimonials pages  
  Tony with a fresh run steelhead   Steelhead fishing   A really big Brown Trout from the Credit river
            Tony with 1 of over 12 Landed                  Martin with 1 of 30 Landed                Huge Resident Brown Trout
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