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"Graham is one of only a handful of independent fly fishing guides in Ontario who we recommend at our store. "

Jim Wilson, Wilsons Fly Shop


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Good Products Catch More Fish


Favourite products

Owning a tackle shop and being in the fishing industry for over 12 years means myself and my guides get to try out a lot of great products. We've tried some really good products and some not so good products. We have chosen to let you know about the good ones, the ones we can recommend to you with confidence. The things I look for in the products that I use and recommend are good quality products with a good price and with a good warranty backed by great customer service and almost as important, products that are available locally. In 2012 I decided to get involved with Hardy and Greys fly gear and pro staffed with Raven Float fishing products because these companies offer all the things I look for in my products. Other products I list are products we've used in the past and would recommend.

Float and Centerpin Rods

Raven rods and tops on my list for float fishing and centerpin rods. They offer anglers economy priced rods to more high end rods.

Centerpin Reels

My go to Centerpin reels for many years has been the Raven reels.

Hardy Marksman 2 S Series, 11'6" 7weight

This Spey rod is a lot of fun and a great value for what you get. It casts big flies with skagit lines and handles big steelhead with little effort.


Hardy Marksman 2, 10 foot 7wt

I'm often asked what is the ideal single hand steelhead rod for our local rivers. In my opinion it's a 10 foot 7 weight fly rod.. Why?  Well, the extra length of a 10 foot allows for better line management for nymphing and gives you good control when fighting big fish. I like the 7 weight rod because it's light enough that it can be used all day with less fatigue and it can still handle big fish on lighter tippets. In my opinion this is the ideal rod for nymphing for great lakes steelhead but can still be used for swinging flies with sink tips when needed.


Hardy Marksman 2, 11 foot 6wt

So here's an odd rod size but this is one I specifically bought for me to play around with when I'm chasing steelhead. Over the last 6 years I've been short line nymphing steelhead with very good success and this is the ideal rod for this style of fishing..  The extra length of an 11 foot rod allows for maximum line management for this tight line nymphing method and it gives you good control when fighting big fish with lots of shock absorption to protect lighter tippets. Being a 6 weight rod it's still heavy enough to fight big fish but it's light enough that it can be used all day with less fatigue.  

Hardy Ultra Light DD reel

I've got a few of these in different sizes for different situations and feel these are on of the best reels I've ever used. Light, Study with a good drag system and a great price make these a reel for just about everyone.

Terminal Tackle

Terminal Tackle includes all you hooks, weights, floats, flies, lines etc,

Recommended gear by species.

Every year I have guys ask me what rods should they buy for Ontario rivers. I've put this together and it's based on many years of trial and error and is my opinion of what are the best rods and reels and lines for fly fishing in Ontario. I've also included some of the best rods and reels and where to get them.

BROWN TROUT : For brown trout and resident rainbow trout we recommend that you use rods from 4 weight to 6 weight in the 8.5' to 9' length with a suitably matched reel with a good drag system. We recommend weight forward floating lines. 9 foot leaders in the 4x to 6x (3 to 6lb) is recommended. We often run custom leaders for better success and may change your leader when you arrive.

For nymphing I have found longer 3 and 4 weight rods in the 10 to 11 foot range to have an advantage over shorter rods. The Greys XF2 Streamflex rods  come in an 11 foot 3 weight and are great for nymphing. see rod details HERE.  Another great nymphing rod and probably my favourite is the Hardy Zenith 10 foot 4 weight.. This a super light and sensitive rod and the first rod I grab when I'm going nymphing. The Hardy Zenith rods are award winning rods and top in their class. See some reviews at the Yellow Stone Angler.

Brook Trout : For brook trout we recommend that you use rods from 6' to 8.5 feet in 2 weight to 4 weight sizes with a suitably matched reel and a floating line. Leaders in the 5x to 6x is recommended. We often run custom leaders for better success and may change your leader when you arrive.

Steelhead : For basic steelhead fishing any rod in the 9 to 10 foot length in a 6 weight to 8 weight will do but if you have it we recommend a 6 weight or 7 weight rod in a 10' or 11' length. A large arbour reel with a good sealed drag system is also recommended. For most of your steelhead fishing I recommend a weight forward floating line. We can provide Sinking tips and polyleaders if required. I prefer to use custom leaders in with a 8lb tippet.

Steelhead - swinging flies. If you prefer to swing flies for steelhead we recommend larger Spey or switch rods in the 7 or 8 weight range matched with a quality reel and line.

Salmon : Same as steelhead. Maybe go one size up on everything with slightly heavier leaders. 

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