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"Graham is one of only a handful of independent fly fishing guides in Ontario who we recommend at our store. "

Jim Wilson, Wilsons Fly Shop


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Credit River Brown Trout

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Welcome to A Perfect Drift

Ontario's Premier Trout and Steelhead Guide Service

Who We Are: We are Southern Ontario's top full time independent river guide service. We eat, sleep and breath fishing 12 months of the year and we have dedicated our lives to sharing the passion and our knowledge with others.

Where We Are: We are based in Orangeville Ontario which is known as the "Hills of the Headwaters" and is centrally located minutes from 4 of Southern Ontario's best trout and steelhead rivers. The Grand River, The Credit River, The Humber River and the Nottawasaga Rivers are all located within a 15 minutes drive. We're also close to other great rivers like the Saugeen river, the Beaver River, the Pine River, the Bighead River and many more.

The Fishing: With plenty of brown trout and brook trout in the headwaters and lots of Steelhead and Pacific Salmon in the middle and lower sections of many rivers this is what many anglers consider to be the best river fishing in Ontario. River smallmouth bass, musky and pike are also available in good numbers during the summer months.

Our Experience: Your head guide and owner Graham Bristow has over 30 years of fly fishing and float fishing/centerpin fishing experience on the local rivers and over 15 years of guiding and instructional experience. Graham has fished with and trained with many great anglers and shares that knowledge and that expertise with his customers.

What We Offer: We offer our customers professional, friendly and educational guided river trips by drift boat or by foot to over 13 rivers. We specialize and teach the most modern and most effective methods that are not yet used by most Ontario anglers and other guide services.  We can meet your individual needs by customizing every trip based on your personal expectations and skills and we are patient and understanding so even the absolute beginner will benefit from time on the water with us.

Fly fishing, Centerpin fishing, or Spin fishing: what ever fishing style you prefer or species you want to target we can provide you with a fun filled and educational guided river trip, a lesson or a class. We can also provide nearly everything you need for your trip out at no extra charge. Click HERE to see what we can provide and what you should bring.

If you want to learn more, catch more and be a better angler contact us for your day on the water.

To Book : Contact Graham at 4 1 6-9 3 7-4 9 1 1 or ontarioguide@gmail.com

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fly fishing lesson toronto

Full Details on Nymphing class - HERE

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Watch Us IN Action On TV

Great Lakes Steelhead with
The New Fly Fisher Show

Fishing The Nottawasaga with Graham Bristow

Aug 4, 2012 - Uploaded by newflyfisherontario
Bill Spicer from The New Fly Fisher joins Graham Bristow of Perfect Drift Guide Company to search for chromed ... Watch Here!


TV Show "Guided" With Mark Melnyk

Guided With Mark Melnyk


Watch us on the hit show Guided with Mark Melnyk and good friend Matt Rimmer from Fishbum Outfitters

Click Here to Watch.


Modern Methods for Ontario Brown Trout

Fishing the Credit River with Colin

Graham guides Colin from the New Fly Fisher on the Upper Credit river and gets a big 20" brown trout.

Click here to watch


Great Lakes Steelhead - The New Fly Fisher

Fishing Great Lakes Steelhead near Toronto
Graham has the pleasure of guiding Bill and Mark from the New Fly Fisher TV show for Spring Great Lakes steelhead using a unique and modern method that was new to the guys.

Click to watch here!

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   Some Highlights from the past!

Eds Big Brown Jeff with a good one Ron with 1 of 3 over 20 inch Hatim with his biggest so far

1 of 2 over 20 inches for Scott Andrews biggest and most landed in one day... Noce one from the Grand River Doulbe header for Pete and Myrium

Click any picture in our website for a better view

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Guided River Lesson in Ontario

Nothing beats a good coach! You can read all the books and watch all the videos you want but having someone stand beside you teaching you and coaching you is the best way to learn and improve your skills quickly.

Check out our 1 on 1 guide lessons or our advanced and beginner classes.

Advanced Nymphing Class - click for details

Beginner Fly Fishing Class - click for details

Fly Fishing for Steelhead Class - click for details

Centerpin Lessons - click for details


"Unbelievably skilled angler and guide! you wont do better then Graham in Ontario". Mitchell P

" Graham's methods and style are so different but so good. He makes it looks so easy and I learn something new every time I'm out with him". Conar A.

"I've hired over 20 guides all over north America and Graham is in the top three and top one in Ontario". Tim R

"Thanks to Graham and his "secret flies" and his unique methods I'm catching so many more fish now". Mark T.

"Graham is by far the most skilled angler I've ever met". Steven G.

"If you want more and bigger fish, Graham is your guy!" Andrew B.

" I now out fish all my buddies by a lot and I'm even teaching them, but I tell them if they really want to get good to go see the Master, Graham is the Wayne Gretzky of fly fishing! Paul H .

"Wanted to take the time to thank you for the day on the river. Your reputation preceded you and after a day out on the water I understand why. You are an excellent guide and made my day on the water swinging flies even more enjoyable with your company and sharing of knowledge, tips and tricks. I would not hesitate to refer you to somebody looking for a great experience on the water." Giovanni.

"That was a very cool dry dropper method, I've never seen anything like that in all my years fly fishing. Thanks for teaching me that". Carl K.

"Graham got me out of my rut and stopped me from doing the same thing everyone else does and I now catch trout and steelhead more consistently and have a few more tricks up my sleeve when I hit the water". John D.

"If you want to up your game and catch more trout then Graham's you man.. Ken M.

Unbelievable how many different and productive ways there are to nymph and dry fly fish.. Graham gave me the tools and knowledge to help me improve a lot. Dave P

Graham taught me more in one day then I learned in 20 years myself. Kevin B


A Word from your guide

"For me, the best part about being a guide is teaching and watching guys get better right before my eyes. Hearing about all the fish and the great success they have afterwards is just a giant bonus for me. Guiding and teaching has been a pleasure and I want to say thanks to all my great customers. Graham Bristow

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  Tony with a fresh run steelhead   Steelhead fishing   A really big Brown Trout from the Credit river
            Tony with 1 of over 12 Landed                  Martin with 1 of 30 Landed                Huge Resident Brown Trout
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