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Ontario Fly Fishing and Centerpin Guided Trips

If you want to improve your river fishing skills and start catching way more fish, then we are the right guide service for you.

any skill level

We specialize in teaching anglers of all skill levels and from ages 13 and up and every guide trip is catered to the individuals skill level and is a learning experience with a great chance of catching fish.

So even if you have never even touched a fishing rod before, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We can even supply all the gear you need at no extra charge. Start your journey today!

Need a partner

We know not everyone can afford the whole price of a guide trip or lesson and they may not have someone to split the costs with, so we now have a “Need a Partner Program” which pairs you up with other individuals with the same requirements as you.

So if you’re a new angler, need a lesson, or you’re just looking for a guide trip, contact us and tell us you need a partner.

Different and better

What makes us different from all the rest is our training, our skill and our desire to continue to be the best river guide in Ontario. We are one of the only full time river guides in Ontario that offer anglers Fly Fishing, Centerpin Fishing and Spin Fishing guided trips.

We may also have more guide experience than any other full time river guide in Ontario with all of these methods.

Modern Tactics Mean More Fish

Modern methods are more advanced and much more productive then some of the traditional methods that most anglers and most other Ontario guides use.

Our modern tactics for catching more and bigger trout and steelhead are so good they are used by most of the best competition and tournament anglers in the world, and once learned you will catch more and more fish than ever before. We use modern methods for fly fishing and centerpin/float fishing and our clients are always telling us how many more fish they catch now!

Your Guide

Unlike other guide services in Ontario, with us your guide is guaranteed to have a minimum of 20 years of guide experience, is fully insured and holds multiple certifications for safety and boating.

Your guide has also been trained by some of the best anglers in the world and continues to train and improve.

Your guide also has 35 years of fishing experience on Ontario rivers and is one of the most reputable river guides available. Read More . . .

Our Rivers

We are located in Orangeville Ontario and are within an hours drive of over a dozen rivers and streams and only 80km from downtown Toronto.

We guide on 13 rivers and a few creeks in the area so you have a choice of small creek style fishing to large rolling steelhead rivers, all within an hour and a bit.

For more detailed information on some of the best trout and steelhead rivers in Ontario go to our Rivers Page.

Best Time For Trout

Peak brown trout and brook trout fishing is usually the 4th Saturday in April to July 1st and then again from September 15th to September 30th. Some rainbow trout may be available in May and June.

Once the rivers warm up in July some good trout fishing can be available all summer but we respect the safety and well being of the trout at this time of year which is why we may only fish the colder spring fed rivers and we may only offer anglers early morning 4 to 5 hour trips when the fishing is best and the water is cold enough to keep them active and safe.

Best Time For Steelhead

The best steelhead fishing is usually from early October until Mid December and then again in March through to early May.

Some good steelhead fishing can happen earlier in September as well depending on the river and depending on the recent weather.

Winter fishing for steelhead can also be good in January and February if the rivers aren’t frozen and temps are close to or above freezing.

Salmon is best in September and October.


Walk or Boat

We offer boat trips to many of our larger steelhead rivers but under the right conditions we can do boat trips on some smaller trout rivers to.

Our custom boats are some of the safest and lightest boats on the market which allows us to get our clients to sections of rivers that very few other guides can.

We also offer walk and wade trips for trout, steelhead, and salmon 12 months of the year depending on the river and the weather conditions. Read More . . .

Guide Rates and Packages

Walk and Wade Trips

  • Walk and wade – Trout  – $400.00 . . . . .  approx. 7 hours
  • Walk and wade – Trout  – $275.00 . . . . . approx. 4 hours
  • Walk and wade – Steelhead – $500.00 . . . . . approx. 7 hours

Boat Trips

  • All Boat trips – all species – $500.00 . . . . . . approx. 6 to 7 hours

Prices are for 1 or 2 anglers / not per person. That means 2 anglers split the price you see listed. A third person is possible on some walk and wade trips only. Add $100.00 for the 3rd angler.

Taxes are extra. (Ontario tax is 13%)

We do not offer cash deals, ever!


Did you know we do gift certificates for guide trips or any dollar amount you can afford to give. So guys, don’t forget to tell your spouse and your kids or even your friends and maybe you will get lucky on that next special occasion with a fishing surprise – MORE  . . . .

Ontario river fishing lessons


Have you ever wanted to know what the guides know? Now you can!

Anglers ask me all the time about what rods and reels and other gear that I recommend, or they ask me about my best flies, or my best methods or even which rivers are good to fish. I build a website that cover’s all of that and more . . . . . You should checkout our sister site where I tell you exactly what gear you need and i give you free tips and tricks to help you catch more fish. Check out www.ontariotroutandsteelhead.com


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