Privacy Policy

It is our top priority for the safety, protection and privacy of our customers. Therefore it is our policy to never share customer’s personal information as well as e-mail addresses or other information with any individual or company.

When you reserve a trip with us, you must provide contact information like your name, your email and your phone number but we do not require any financial information or credit card numbers. We use this information to only communicate and to contact you.

Our website also contains links to other sites and we do recommend some of their products or practices. Please be aware that we are not responsible for the content or privacy practices of such other sites. We are also not responsible for the products that we review and recommend.

All rivers and areas have potential risks so we are not responsible for you’re safety or well being if you decide to go on your own to any of the locations and rivers that we mention on our website.

There are Fishing rules and laws in Ontario and it is your responsibility to know them so if you fish an area or us a method seen on our website and it is illegal at the time it is not our responsibility.

Our website is meant for education purposes only and laws and regulations may change at any time therefore it is your responsibility to know the current laws before you fish.

All information expressed is our opinion only.

We recommend that anyone visiting our website to be aware that when they leave our website,  it is important to read the privacy statements of any otherweb sites linked to us especially of that website collects personally identifiable information.

Thank you and have a great day!