A Perfect Drift Guide Agreement

This is a sample guide agreement. I will have a full agreement with me for you and your guests to sign.

The guide agreement lets you know there can be risks involved and lets you know what we agree to do and not to do. I suggest you read it now so there are no issues at the river.

If there is something on there that you do not agree with or have concerns about ask me before you book with me, not at the river. I may be flexible on some things like the use of pictures but not on other things.

If you don’t want to sign it, then it’s best that you book with someone else now and avoid issues at the river.


Safety is our number one priority and with a great track record of over 10 years with no major accidents we know we have done a great job to ensure our customers safety. But accidents can happen, slips and falls on rocks, or over logs or even a hook stuck in a finger, you just never know. In order for us to get good insurance coverage at the most affordable rate we are required by our new insurance company to have all our customers agree to and sign this liability waiver. Please review this sample waiver before booking your trip because you will be required to sign a hard copy prior to getting on the river with us. Thank you for your support. Graham Bristow




Waiver of all Claims, Release from Liability and Assumption of Risks.

My signature on this form constitutes my acceptance and understanding of the terms, conditions, and information contained herein.

I further understand and accept that this activity involves risks, which may include, among other things, personal injury or death and damage to or loss of property.

In consideration of the benefits to be derived from participation in this activity I hereby accept all risks of personal injury or death and property damage arising from the participation by me as well as all other members of my party and I hereby agree that I, my dependents, heirs, executors do release and hold harmless A Perfect Drift Guide Company and Graham Bristow from any and all claims of illness, bodily injury, death or property damage or loss, however caused, natural or otherwise, arising from or related to this activity. Further, by signing this form I certify that I do not have any physical, mental or other condition or disability that would create a hazard for me.

I also accept and agree to never commercially guide, charge for, or make money or compensation from commercial or sports fishing on any body of water guided by Graham Bristow or A Perfect Drift Guide Company, unless approved in writing from Graham Bristow.

I also agree all photos and videos and likeness of myself and my party are the rights of Graham Bristow and approve the use of them for marketing and promotion of A Perfect Drift Guide Company and Graham Bristow.

I have carefully read these terms and conditions of this waiver/contract agreement, and I fully understand, agree to, and will abide by everything as stated herein of this waiver and contract published by A Perfect Drift Guide Company and Graham Bristow.

I have carefully read, clearly understood, and voluntarily sign this Waiver of Liability

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