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I have guided over 2500 anglers in the last 20 years. Due to our on-going efforts to provide the best river guide service in Ontario, I have received thousands of thank you emails, and testimonials. Here are a few of what my clients had to say about us.

Hey Graham, Enjoyed the trip and all the pointers you threw my way. Some real gems in there that likely saved me a lot of frustration. Too bad the day flies by so fast, but I can honestly say you met the objectives I had in mind so it’s money well spent in my opinion. Donnie

Hello Graham, My fishing trip out with you was the highlight of my vacation. I enjoyed the walk and wade and the drift boat guides. You have a beautiful country and your rivers are so clean and healthy. I had a fabulous time and hope to be back soon. Thank you all for the great times. Alex.. UK

“ We tried a few guides for the Grand River before but never felt so relaxed and caught so many fish as we did with Graham.” Bob and Carl

All the guys at the fishing club recommended Graham and said he was the best guy to help me improve my nymphing skills so I hired him and was blown away at his knowledge and his ability to teach an old dog like me. If you’re looking for a great guide with a great personality I highly recommend Graham. Grant O.

Best day ever, I hooked 5 trout that Graham said were over 20 inches and landed 2 of them. Me just being able to do that was unbelievable but I also caught another 25 good brown trout. We spoke to 5 or 6 other guys that day and nobody even came close to what we hooked which I truly believe was all due to Graham’s guidance and knowledge on that river. Ronald P

I celebrated my 67th birthday with a fly fishing trip to Ontario. I found A Perfect Drift through a friend who lives close by and recommended them. This was a the first time I’d been in a drift boat and it was nice not walking for miles to catch trout for a change. Graham promised I’d catch some nice trout and he did just that. I actually caught way more then I ever imagined. His patience and his knowledge of the rivers were amazing. He’s professional and I highly recommend him and his store to anyone. Steven W, Idaho.

Great trout water and a great guide. Everything was great. You guys will do well. I’d highly recommend you to anyone looking for a trip out, thanks again. Tony M

“Learning to fly fish was easier than I thought it would be. A good instructor and guide made all the difference for us, thanks again Graham ” Iaan B. Chatham Ontario

“By far the best guide service we’ve used in Ontario” Dennis, Huntsville, ON

Graham was the third guide I hired for the Grand river in the last 3 years and I can honestly say I will stick with him from now on and I would only recommend him to someone that wants the best guide available. Matt P.

In ten years of hard fly fishing I thought I knew it all and then after 7 hours on the water with Graham I realized how much more there was to learn. Graham opened my eyes to nymphing styles that I had never even heard of before and I’m now catching far more fish then I ever have. Marco P

Hello Graham, Thanks for the great day with you on Sunday, and yes Paul had a great time with you as well. Keith and Paul

We kept seeing the big brown trout pictures on Grahams website but after 2 years of trying ourselves we had no luck catching anything over 14 inches. Graham convinced us there was big fish in the ###### river and that he hooks big ones there almost every day, so we decided to book him. Within 2 casts we saw our first brown trout over 20 inches and in the 7 hours that we were on the water with him we saw 6 over 20 inches including the biggest brown trout we have ever seen that Graham said was over 26 inches. The most amazing thing was he knew exactly where everyone of those fish were and how big they were before we even hooked them. We’re in our 70’s and this was an eye opener for us and a day on the water that we will both never forget. We would highly recommend Graham to anyone that wants a great guide. Lenard and Kyle, Bracebridge

“You’re one of the best I’ve seen with a fly rod and you taught me more then I ever expected. Thanks” Paul L. Barrie Ont.

Friendly, knowledgeable and fun! We recommend this guide service and Graham as a guide. Dale and Bill, Ottawa

Back when I as trying to do it on my own a good day was landing a dozen trout a day and I was lucky if I landed a couple of big ones each year, but since getting out with you and learning how to do it right, I’m now averaging about 30 trout a day and I’m hooking a big one almost every time I get out. The difference is unbelievable. Thanks Dave P….Kitchener

Graham did one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen any angler or guide do and I still cant believe that he was able to count down from 3 and when he got to one he said down and my float immediately went down from a 8lb steelhead. Then to top it off, he did it again on the very next cast. It’s like he knows exactly where they all are. Unbelievable! He is absolutely the best steelhead guide ever and I’ve recommended him to everyone I know. Corey. B

Hi Graham, I wanted to thank you for the outstanding experience that you provided on Tuesday. Your wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm made for one action-packed and enjoyable day. I realize how hard you worked at making it a complete experience for Roy and I, and we really appreciate your efforts. Thanks so much! Here are a few pictures. Sincerely, Kerry

Hi Graham, You’re the Wayne Gretzky of the fly fishing world. I learned so much from you and I cant wait to get back on my home waters to try what you taught me there, Thanks. Kevin A.

I’ve been out with over 30 guides all across Canada and the USA and I would easily put Graham in the top 3, if not, the number one guide I’ve been out with. He’s so easy going and skilled that it’s hard not to catch fish and have a good time with him. I can’t recommend a better guide in Ontario.. Scott, Mississauga Ont.

We caught 18 brown trout in one day with 3 over 16 inches and a huge one over 22 inches. The Grand river was amazing and Graham knew where to take us for big fish and no other anglers all day. This has to be the best river in Ontario for fly fishing for brown trouts and I think Graham knows every fish, every rock and twig in every pool. We missed so many more that I wished we landed. Thanks for the best day on the water Graham. Rich and Ron.

This was our third trip to Ontario and once again the guys at Anglers Pro Shop gave us a holiday to remember. We all caught some big brown trout and enjoyed our days on the credit and Saugeen with Graham. Leslie and Wilk, Atlanta Georgia,

“Just a quick thank you for the wonderful trip you provided. I would highly recommend your drift boat trips to anyone interested in a steelhead fishing trip.” Thanks Tom B.

Dear Graham, Thanks for showing my husband and I a great time. Steve said “If you taught me any better I’d be better then him!” Thanks for getting us both into some nice brown trout and brook trout and for taking us to such a beautiful trout river. I’m putting my order in for at least 24 of your custom tied flies to try down here. Steve and Barb, Sarnia Ont.

I’ve been fishing with Graham for years and all I can say is he can catch fish like no one else can. I think he’s set foot on every inch of every river in the Orangeville area and has caught more browns and specs then anyone I know. Rich K.

Best guide service out there. Graham is knowledgeable and a great teacher. A true joy to be out with and well worth the time for the most season pro to the first timers. A prefect drift is the perfect fit for some fishing fun. Richard M. Brampton

By far the best trout angler and guide in all of Ontario. 3 times with Graham and I am already looking forward to my next trip.. Thanks again.. Ben D

“Tired of only catching small trout. Graham showed me trout I didn’t think existed in the Credit River”. Ted C., Midland

Hi Graham, Back in England, just to say how much I enjoyed our days fishing it was great, hope to do it again. Take care. John

I had a great time I definitely want to book next year let me know when you start 2013 bookings Pat W.

Just to let you know that Ted and I enjoyed our fishing trip very much and thank you for your great guiding. Abe and Ted.

Graham’s patience and easy going personality made learning easy and comfortable. Michael B and Bob B., Oakville

Thank you for a fabulous fishing trip. The fish were superb, beautiful chrome jumpers. We found you to be very knowledgeable guide and a wonderful patient teacher. By the end of the day we had landed more then 20 steelhead and probably lost about the same number. It was the best day of fishing that both Chris and I have ever had and the best fathers day present I’ve had in a long time! Thanks again for everything!! Chris and Hans

Hi Graham, Thanks for e-mailing the pictures. My son and I had a great time and learned a lot. We’ll be buying ourselves fly rods and waders to try on one of the local streams by us. We’d like to see more of the grand river and the Humber so we’re planning a trip for 4 days next season and will be booking you again soon. See you then. Carl and Peter F. Ayr, Ontario

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That was some amazing steelhead action. I can’t believe that many fish where still there that late in May. The browns were a bonus to. Thanks for the tips and lesson on nymphing. Armando and I will be back for the fall runs since you say they’re even better. Gary, Kitchener, Ontario May 2007

“ I finally got my 20” brown trout thanks to Graham and Anglers Pro Shop.” Mario, NY ,2010

I could add a thousand more but I think you get the point.

My Reputation and My Customers

As a guide nothing matters more to me than my valued clients and my reputation.

It’s all of my great clients that have been recommending me for years that has allowed me to have one of the best reputations and be the number 1 river guide in Ontario.

“Thank you to everyone that has been out with me, it was my pleasure and I hope to see you all again.”

We reserve the right to edit some of our Testimonials to hide identities, make them more legible, and fix spelling errors.

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