Walk and Wade Trout and Steelhead Trips

Walk and Wade trips:

These trips take you into smaller sections of the rivers for brown trout and brook trout where the boats cant get to. These areas are to small or to shallow for the drift boat and are best fished by foot.

Most of these sections are public access, but other then a few of these areas, most of these sections are lightly fished.

On some trip we walk a little and other trips we walk a lot depending on the river and the area. If you like to hike to get to less pressured water we can find that for you, but if you don’t want to walk much but still what an opportunity to catch lots of fish we can provide that to.

We can also do walk and wade trip to some of the bigger rivers for trout or steelhead.


We know not everyone can afford the whole price of a guide trip and they may not have someone to split the costs so we now have a “need a partner program” which pairs you up which individuals with the same requirements as you.

So if you’re a new angler or you’re just looking for a guide trip email us and ask us to find you a partner with similar needs.

Walk and wade trout trips in Ontario
Walk and wade steelhead trips in Ontario


Keep It Local: Learning to fly fish can be overwhelming with the influx of information available on-line today. What’s written on a webpage or social media page, what fly is being recommended and what gear is preferred by one author may not work for you in your area. I don’t know how many times I’ve read an on-line article, blog post or comments on-line with information that is ineffective for my rivers or is just plain bad advice! As a beginner just trying to figure things out how would you know if it’s good or bad information.

My advice is to look for information that is from a local and reputable source for the best local fly patterns, the best tactics for local rivers, and the best gear for your area and you won’t waste your money or your time on the water trying something that’s only effective on the other side of the country.