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Fishing The
Pine River

A tributary to the Nottawasaga.


Fishing The Pine River

The Pine River is the largest tributary of the Nottawasaga river.  It is very much like other tributaries of the Nottawasaga like the Boyne river and has plenty of different types of water from smaller rapid sections to slower riffles and pools.

Fishing the Pine River

The Pine river is likely the best tributary of the Nottawasaga for reproducing steelhead and salmon because of it’s clean cold water and good summer flows.

The lower Pine river empties into the Nottawasaga in the town of Angus. The lower pine river flows through more sandy and clay terrain and can be more wooded and colored like in the picture seen here. It’s the lower river that gets fished the most and has the best access.

Much of the upper Pine river is posted private property and is very difficult to find public access. It’s this extensive amount of private property that protects the brown trout, book trout and the steelhead from anglers and this keeps the fish populations healthy.


The further up the river you go, the smaller and cleared the river gets. The head water are very clear and cold and hold good numbers of brook trout.

The Pine rivers salmon runs attract many anglers and the salmon are sometimes know to show up in this river in July and August after big rains. Most fishing for the salmon is down towards the town of Angus.

Because the river is mostly private property and due to the large amount of log jams and the difficulty landing big fish, there are some big brown trout and some big brook trout in the river. 

Unfortunately, the few small sections of the river where anglers can access legally are often fished out for bigger fish thanks to people keeping the big brown trout and bigger brook trout, and now the OMNR has stocked brook trout in some sections to improve the fishing.

Because of the lack of big resident brown trout in these sections this river does not get a lot of fishing pressure.

Fishing the Pine River
A client fishing the Pine River,Ontario
Fishing the Pine river
Brook trout from the Pine river
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