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Fishing The
Sydenham River

A trout and steelhead river.


We don’t guide this river often because it’s under special regulations and doesn’t open until June 1st, but when we do get to fish it, it’s usually lots of fun.
There are brook trout and Brown trout in the upper and lower sections but this river is better known for the steelhead and salmon runs in the lower river.

Fishing the Sydenham River

The lower section has a lot of rocky pocket water making it more suitable for nymph fishing but it can have good hatches and a few areas that are suitable for dry fly fishing.

The steelhead and salmon get blocked by Inglis Falls so all spawning takes place in the lower half of the river and you never know what you’re going to catch when you fish closer to the falls.

This is a popular river with fall, winter and early spring steelheaders in the lower section because there is a small section open to “year round angling” near the mouth and below the dam ( check the regulations before you go).

There is also a fish ladder at the dam which attracts people from all over to watch the steelhead and salmon trying to get to the upper sections. Even if you don’t fish it’s also worth taking a trip to Inglis falls Park to walk the trails and check out the falls.

Fishing the Sydenham River
Fishing the Sydenham River
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