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Getting You Where Others Can’t !


Enjoy Some You-Time

An awesome experience and a great way to fish our local rivers.

Get remote, get secluded, get fish: We are one of the first guide companies to offer this very unique and fun experience that you won’t want to miss.

We will float you and a buddy down the most secluded sections of the best rivers in the most comfortable, safe and stable two and three man pontoon boats available.

The North Fork Outfitter’s pontoon boats are so safe, durable and reliable they are many guides first choice on the big and remote west coast steelhead rivers and we have been running hundreds of clients down the rivers in them for over 12 years.

Drift bpat trips in Ontario
Ontario drift boat trips get you away from the crowds

The Perfect Trip

We have chosen to use pontoon style drift boats over the regular drift boats that other guide companies here in Ontario use because of four simple reasons.

  • 1. MORE FISH!
  • 3. NEW WATER

We can get to sections of rivers the other guide shops don’t guide on and that usually means less people and MORE FISH and no 0ther guides.

We travel through miles of private sections of river that are not accessible to other anglers and other drift boats which gives us the opportunity to fish for un-pressured brook trout,brown trout, steelhead, salmon and even bass.

More water. . . More Fish

Our guided boat trips have provided our customers with days of 50 brook trout, large wild brown trout and many days of over 30 steelhead without ever seeing another angler.

If you would like to get remote, get secluded then book your next river adventure with us.

Our trips are especially popular with anglers that are less mobile due to physical limitations that they have.

We can provide nearly everything you need for your trip out.

Ontario Drfit Boat trips for steelhead

Boat Trip Options and Prime Times

  • Nottawasaga River Steelhead – Oct 1st to May 10th
  • Bighead River Steelhead – October 1st to December 20th

For rates on our boat trips go to our guide page