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Tips and advice for Ontario fishing regulations


Trout Season Regulations: Our main trout season in Southern Ontario (Zone 16) opens on the 4th Saturday in April and closes September 30th each season (as of 2020).

During this time almost all the rivers in southern Ontario are open for the season with the exception of a few that may open later or have special regulations on them.

Between October 1st and the last Saturday in April there are extended fall seasons on some rivers that goes until December 31st.

There are also year round open sections on some rivers but be sure you know where the boundaries are

For details on those open sections or to acquire an Ontario fishing license go to the online fishing regulations website.

Here is some additional information that may help you with the regulations – HERE



Before You Fish:

Fishing License – Make sure you’re fishing license is valid and that you have both copies that you are required to carry. Yes, I know, it’s confusing, but the boneheads at the OMNR want us to buy a conservation card, this card is good for 3 years but the licence may not be.

Let me explain, this card is not your license and I’m not actually sure that it’s anything more than a cash grab for them, but it’s literally useless unless it’s accompanied by a valid fishing license. Unfortunately, what confuses anglers is that you can your card and only buy a 1 year license at the same time. After a year is up, your card is still valid fro 2 more years but your fishing license is expired. You will then need to buy a separate 1 year license which is a yellow plastic paper licence that must now accompany your card, so you need both pieces (card and paper license) together or neither one is valid.

However, if you purchase the 3 year card and the 3 year licence at the same time than you do not require the yellow card.


The River – Before you head to the river look it up in the fishing regulations first. Some rivers may have extended seasons, year round open sections, some open to fishing on a later date, some have fish sanctuary sections, and some have special restrictions on baits or catch limits.

I suggest if you’re going to go fishing within the regular trout season that you check the section of the regulations under exceptions to the rules. All bodies of water are all listed in alphabetical order so check that list for your river and for any special regulations that may apply.

Catch Limits: this is listed in the main section of the regulations but like I said above sometimes there are exceptions to the rules so double check you river before you decide to take fish home.

These are just tips and guidelines but the fishing regulations can change annually so DO NOT rely of this as the way it is, and always double check the fishing regulations before you go fishing.

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