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What to Bring.

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When you come out with us we can provide all the gear if you need it and we make sure you get lots of great information that you can use to be a better river angler.

We can provide almost everything you need for your trip out with us and most is at no extra charge to you. Please notify us in advance if you need us to provide anything for you. There is no charge for standard fishing gear. All fly rods and fly reels provided by us are good and in perfect working order. Most of the Centerpin and float fishing gear has been provided by Raven Tackle products.

We Can Provide:

  • Waders and boots if you don’t have your own – notify us in advance if you need these.
  • Rods and reels if you don’t have suitable rods – Notify us in advance if you need these.
  • Lines
  • Hooks, flies, baits
  • Floats and indicators
  • Leaders and tippets
  • Life Jackets – we provide these for all boat trips
  • All safety and release gear – we provide this for all trips

What you should Bring

  • A valid fishing license is a MUST have – Get one online HERE
  • If you have it, bring what you would normally bring on a river outing, waders, vest, rods, etc.
  • Wear drab clothes in greens and tans to blend in to the surroundings
  • We recommend a bug shirt in spring and/or a long sleeved shirt.
  • Before June the water can still be very cold so we recommend thermal underwear and extra socks. (at least bring them even if you don’t wear them)
  • Pack a light lunch and non-alcoholic drinks (NO ALCOHOL PERMITTED)
  • Bug Spray
  • Sun Block
  • Camera
  • Polarized Glasses or Sunglasses or other glasses are required for eye protection
  • Hat
  • Rain Gear
  • Appropriate clothing for the time of year and the daily forecast
  • An extra set of clothes incase you fall in or get rained on
  • Bring the balance owing in CASH ONLY

Recommended Rods Reels and Lines

I believe it’s a good idea to learn using your own gear since that is what you will be fishing with when you are on your own. But not everyone has suitable rods and reels so depending on which species of fish you will be targeting its best to know what kind of rods and reels to bring with you. If you don’t have suitable rods and reels I can provide them for you, or even if you would just prefer to try my rods I’m good with that to.

BROWN TROUT : For brown trout and resident rainbow trout we recommend that you use rods from 4 weight to 5 weight in the 8.5′ to 9.5′ length with a suitably matched reel with a good drag system. A six weight will also do especially if we are chucking streamer flies. I recommend a weight forward floating line but double taper line will do to. Nine foot leaders in the 4x to 6x (3 to 6lb) is recommended. I often run custom leaders for better success and may change your leader when you arrive. If you plan to streamer fish a lot or nymph fish you may want a rod specific to that which you can find by clicking the links to those.

Brook Trout : For brook trout we recommend that you use rods from 6′ to 8.5 feet in the two weight to four weight sizes with a suitably matched reel and a floating line. Leaders in the 5x to 6x is recommended and I suggest you have the leader on the line and ready to go when you get there. I often run custom leaders for better success and may or may not change your leader when you arrive.

Steelhead : For basic steelhead fishing any rod in the 9 to 10 foot length in a 6 weight to 8 weight will do. If you have it I recommend a 7 weight rod in a 10 foot or 11 foot length. A large arbor reel with a good sealed drag system is also recommended since these fish pull hard an fast. For most of your steelhead fishing I recommend a weight forward floating line. We can provide sinking tips and polyleaders if required. I prefer to use custom leaders in with a 8lb tippet but it’s best to have a 3x or heavier leader already on your line.

Steelhead – swinging flies: If you prefer to swing flies for steelhead we recommend larger Spey or switch rods in the 7 or 8 weight range matched with a quality reel and line.

Salmon : Same as steelhead. Maybe go one size up on everything with slightly heavier leaders.

Tips and Expectations for a better trip.

We have great days on the water with some days over 30 steelhead landed and some days with 100+ trout landed, but those days are not everyday. One day I could bring a client to a spot with 100 trout in it and we could catch nothing, the very next day we could catch 50+. They’re wild fish in a wild setting and sometimes they just wont eat anything.

Your skill level can determine how many fish you catch and the type of day you will have. If you’ve never casted a fly rod and Centerpin before, be realistic and don’t expect to catch 100 fish.

You can do a few things that will help you have the best day possible.

  • Check our what to bring page a few days in advance so you’re not rushing around like crazy trying to get everything you need.
  • Double and triple check your fishing license to make sure it’s valid.
  • Leave early enough so you arrive on time.
  • Be ready. First thing in the morning is a bad time to fully line up your reels with new line or to patch that hole in your waders or to start tying up roe for the day. Prepping your stuff in the morning while we are already at the river means less time fishing.
  • Check over all your gear the night before, make sure it’s ready and working.
  • Have appropriate clothing: I send all clients a full list of recommended stuff to bring and wear but check the forecast and make sure you have the right clothing for that day.
  • Have appropriate gear for the day, rods, reels and waders: if you’re not sure what’s the right gear for the day and it’s not listed or explained well in my what to bring email I sent you then just ask me in advance. But, please don’t show up to fish salmon with a 3 weight rod and expect to have a good day. Don’t show up with broken gear, have good lines on your reels, if the mono on your spinning reel is 30 years old, that’s a problem that will prevent you from catching the maximum amount of fish. All these things will make your day more fun because it sucks dealing with mechanical and gear issues. If your gear is not suitable I can provide everything you need, just ask.
  • Leaking waders at anytime of the year sucks. So make sure your waders and boots are up to the job.
  • If you have your own rods and reels and haven’t casted in 5 or 10 years do yourself a favor and take 10 minutes out of your weekend and maybe even twice, and practice for a bit. It could make a huge difference in how many fish you will catch. If you want to land the most fish possible, practice, practice, practice, it only benefits you. If you cant practice in advance or where hiring mw to teach you to cast, don’t worry I will help you with that , but keep in mind that you may not catch as many fish as you wanted to.
  • Don’t pack a lunch big enough to feed a family of 5. I don’t carry back packs for clients, I have enough stuff to carry, so if you have 10 bottles of water in your backpack when you only need 2, remember, you will be the one carrying it on that 5 minute walk in to the spot. Pack as light as possible because sometimes we hike a bit.
  • If you show up to the river and there is a chance of rain forecasted and you don’t bring a rain coat, you may get wet, so be prepared.
  • Guys fall in all the time, rocks are slippery and move sometimes, $hit happens, it is not normal dangerous but it is wet when you fall in so pack an extra set of clothes to leave in your vehicle just in case.
  • Tell me what you expect before you book your trip and I’ll give you an honest answer. Don’t tell me you expect to catch 30 steelhead while were standing in the river together because chances are that wont happen.
  • Every anglers has different expectations and hopes when they hire a guide, tell me yours and I will help as best as I can.