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3 Tips for big Fish

 ontario fly fishing guide


As one of the top river guides in Southern Ontario I've had the pleasure of guiding thousands of anglers of all skill levels. I've also had the opportunity to see all the same common mistakes that prevent many of them from catching as many fish as they could.

Here's 3 tips that could mean the difference between catching no trout at the end of the day, or catching a lot of trout and steelhead.

Tip #1. Be quite! I know this sounds like a no-brainer, but it still amazes me how many guys rush into the river where they plan to fish without realizing that they are spooking many of the fish they want to catch, especially a fish like a large weary, wild brown trout. ontario fly fishing guidesMy rule of thumb is that if I can hear them walking through the water from 100 feet away, so can the fish. Therefore I think it's better to take 5 minutes to quietly tip toe your way 20 feet out into the water and catch fish right away, versus stomping in and needing to wait an hour before the fish settle down and start feeding again. Or better yet, just stay out of the water whenever possible. In my opinion making to much noise is one of the major reason guys only catch the small dumb trout because the big ones know they are there and stop feeding long before they make their first cast.

Tip #2 . You may have heard the saying " it's better to fish a bad fly good, then it is to fish a good fly bad". This basically means it doesn't matter how good your bait or fly is, if it's fished incorrectly it ontario fly fishingwont catch as many fish. Therefore, do your research, practice and think of what you need to actually do to make a good presentation before you even cast to the pool, have a plan. Make sure every cast and every drift is as perfect as possible. If you're not sure if you're doing it right, watch other successful anglers, find a mentor, or hire a guide. I see bad presentations limit guys all the time, it's not one big thing that catches all the fish, it's all the little things done right that puts the odds in your favor.


Tip #3 Use what works! In other words, your rods, reels, lines, leaders and baits should all be suited to the conditions and the type of fish you are fishing for. I don't bring out my extra heavy musky rod ontario fly fishing guideswith 100 pound braided line to go for little brook trout in a small stream and neither should you. Sometimes the best advice on gear, baits and methods is from the smaller local fishing and fly shops. The guys in these shops are usually on the ball and know their stuff and you'll likely leave more educated and with gear you actually need. If you're buying your stuff from one of the big box stores you may not be getting the best advice or the best gear for the job.


Hope that helps, See you on the water!


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