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Fishing The
Mad River

The Mad and Noisy Rivers.


The Mad River is another tributary to the Nottawasaga River which enters the Nottawasaga below the town of Angus. The Mad river averages around 20 feet wide with a pebble and boulder bottom through most of the rivers.

The Mad river gets runs of salmon and steelhead and has a decent population of brook trout. There doesn’t seam to be any brown trout in the river.

The mad river near Creemore is nice and wide and easy to fish with a fly rod. It can be very rocky with scattered pools and pockets that will hold fish and there is a park in Creemore near Airport road for access.

There are lots of small steelhead in the 4 to 7 inch size that will keep anglers busy and that can be a lot of fun during the many hatches that occur.

The Mad river is best fished in May and June when the water levels are still good and the water temperatures aren’t to warm. During July through to late September the flow on this river can be very low and the water temperatures in the after shut the fish down.

Centerpin fishing is possible on the Mad river but there are limited large pools in the upper sections so it’s recommended to stay in the lower river.

Fishing the Mad River

Fishing The Noisy River

Fishing the Noisy River

The Noisy River is a branch of the Mad River which merges with the Mad river just up river from the little town of Creemore.

It is a faster flowing river that escalates as it runs up the 1000 foot escarpment.

You will find nice runs a pools near the lower end and more pocket water further up until you’re at the top of the escarpment.

Like the Mad river the Noisy river is primarily a brook trout and rainbow trout river with some larger steelhead available in the spring and some salmon in the fall. There are reports of brown trout but they are very rare and unconfirmed.

The months of May and June are the best times to fish this river in the few accessible areas because after July 1st the river levels become very low and possibly to warm later in the day for the trout to feed.
Both of t hese rivers can have large hatches of mayfly and caddis and can be a lot of fun on smaller 3 and 4 weight rods.

Spin fishing can also work but pinch your barbs so you don’t kill the little trout.

In the spring these rivers can be fast flowing and fun rivers to fish with brook trout over 12 inches, the occasional large steelhead, and lots of little rainbows (baby steelhead) available.

Please practice catch and release to preserve the good fishing and respect private property.